The main objective of Department of Economics in Arts & Science College is to create a center that would cultivate quality teaching and research programs in economics. Within a short extent of time it has realized this objective and is today counted among the premier institutes for higher education in economics in India. The major activities of the department include imparting quality education to students admitted to the different academic programs of the department. Department has over 100 books and Research Papers voluntarily donated and collection by the faculty members and well wishers. The student makes use of these books as per their requirement.

The Department regularly organizes various extracurricular activities such as guest lectures, elocution and debating competitions, essay competitions, group discussions, quiz contests, and field visits for benefit of students.

The assorted blend of faculty, academicians, researchers and professionals drawn from India and abroad, with their vast pool of managerial expertise distinguishes the Department from others and gives it a dignified importance.